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Loyalty Points Scheme

Loyalty Points Scheme


When it comes to keeping you sweet, we do more than just offer great products at brilliant prices. We appreciate that you use our site, because we know just how many other choices you have out there. That’s why, effective immediately, we’re bring in our new Loyalty Scheme partnership!

This is the perfect system for anyone who is looking to buy CBD products at great value, and benefit from their long-term buying decisions. Through our Loyalty Scheme, you can get brilliant money-back value and excellent cashback solutions as you shop with us.

We run a simple Points system here that is easy to follow along with and to learn about. If you would like to get more from a Loyalty Scheme, then you need only take a look at what we can do for you here. Our system is simple. For every purchase that you make at Monster CBD, you will get Points back, enjoy your CBD Vape, CBD Oil, and the Best CBD Oil UK whist gaining points. These points can then be used to deduct from the cost of your future purchases!

Our points tallying system is simple, and works like this:

·         When you sign up for Monster CBD, you will immediately be given 500 Points!

·         When you sign-up to our Newsletter (highly recommended), you get 500 Points!

·         For your first purchase from Monster CBD, you’ll get 2% Cashback!

·         Want to help us grow? Then leave a review on our products. This could earn you 100+ Points*!

It’s all so simple! With the help of our Loyalty Scheme, you can get better value for money every time you choose to buy one of our products. If you use CBD products a lot, then this could help you to save plenty of pounds all-year round!

So, why not sign up today? With the help of this program, you are certain to save money, and make sure that every CBD purchase goes towards making the next purchase that little bit cheaper!

* Please note that would be subject to revision. Upon approval, your 100 points would be approved. 

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